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I was tagged by minhosraps and I ship her with



ukwon (do you even like him idk)

jay park



annd mark

Rule #1 : Ship the person you got tagged from 

Rule #2 : Answer questions feel free to answer in full sentence

Rule #3 : Write down the kpop groups you wanna get shipped with

Rule #4 : Tag some blogs 

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meet the blogger!
tagged by jjanari 

rules: just insert your answers to the questions below. you must tag at least 10 of your followers 

url: 4minuteu

name: scarlett

nickname: scar mostly?? no one really calls me that i dont have a lot of nicknames tho

birthday: august 18th

sex: female

sexuality: straight 

height: 5’5” i think

time/date: 5:12pm on september 1st

last thing you googled: “is there a reason roxas looks like ventus” even though ive played the kh games i never understood this and still dont lmao

most used phrases: i say “same” and “nice” a lot ;;

last thing you said to a family member: ???? i do not remember 

favorite beverage: arizona lemos iced tea 

first word that comes to mind: alright

place that makes you happy and why: hmm… my aunties? it reminds me of summer time and having fun lol

number of blankets you sleep under: in the summer like none or one, but in spring/fall/winter three

last movie watched: advent children

3 things you can’t live without: food, my phone and video games i guess lol

something you plan on learning: ..?? i have no idea 

piece of advice for your followers: always get a lot of rest, drink lots of water and follow your dreams! yeah

thank you! im gonna tag: minhosraps, lunenoire, lookatalltheseoppaskimhvuna, and hajumma !

ive been so busy lately and really unmotivated to even be on tumblr at all so sorry for the lack of not updating i guess lmao

jiyoon + 4Minute korean mvs

sohyun + 4Minute korean mvs

Jihyun and Sohyun participating in the ice bucket challenge


With 선호 ㅎㅎㅎ화이팅~~~~

Hearts from 4minute, and then there’s…